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Our Trend Colors EIII

Anyone who deals with colors, as we do, is automatically concerned with changes in society. For us color experts, precise observation is the be-all and end-all. Because we use observed changes to forecast future developments.

With the help of pictures, text descriptions and of course 8 colors each, our Trend Colors EIII illustrate the four exciting worlds of our “promised odyssey”.

We live in a time when much is at stake. Everywhere we turn, there are new challenges to be met. We must save our planet, question our way of life and our values, and, if necessary, radically turn our system upside down in order to leave future generations a secure future worth living. Since the wheel cannot be turned back, we see it as our responsibility to boldly take unknown paths and keep opening new doors. Our expertise, our intelligence and our innovative strength help us to develop the necessary solutions and to no longer remain stuck in the existing and the known.

We have long been on this inescapable odyssey, this frightening but at the same time inspiring and exciting odyssey. We have no choice but to confidently and trustingly make the best possible out of every situation – just as we have done since time immemorial. Perhaps just a little wiser, more respectful, more tolerant and more willing to compromise than before.