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Systems and products

With our comprehensive product portfolio, we cover the entire range of wet coatings. The mutually compatible coating systems can be used on diverse substrates. Thanks to the unique possibility of obtaining optimally coordinated complete solutions from a single source – from primer to print varnish – you benefit from considerably simplified and shortened process sequences with increased reliability.

If required, we can create individual shades and effects for you, even in very small quantities, e.g. for small series.

Basco Carbon Coatings
  • Excellent resistance profile
  • Efficient complete system
  • Versatile
  • Customize and protect
  • Wide color and effect spectrum
  • Permanent preservation of the high-quality metal appearance
Reflection – chrome free chrome look
  • amazingly real chrome look
  • in automotive quality
  • environmentally friendly alternative technology
Pigment preparations
  • Brilliant color properties
  • Reproducible color consistency
  • Wide range of applications
Berlasoft – Softtouch clear coat
  • good adhesion
  • velvety effect
  • soft grip
  • good UV resistance
  • waterborne also available
BerlaGuard – Antimicrobial 2K PUR clearcoat system
  • Lasting effect
  • Free of biocides according to the Biocide Ordinance
  • Environmentally friendly
BerlaCare – for peripheral applications in the medical device sector
  • High-end system with 72h welding resistance
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Attractive price/performance ratio
Monocure UV clearcoat
  • Matched to PVD technology
  • Significantly solvent-reduced 1K complete system
  • Permanent preservation of the high-quality plastic surface
Dual Cure UV Clear Coat
  • durable and malleable
  • Curing even in shaded areas
  • VOC-reduced coating solution
Berlac 2K PUR Hydro Topcoats
  • Can be used on plastic
  • Available in all imaginable effects and designs
  • Can be used as primers, basecoats and topcoats
Berlac EB-Hydro System
  • 1K stove enamel
  • Can be used as primers, basecoats and topcoats
  • Available in all imaginable effects and designs
Berlacryl – 2K PUR primers
  • available in different colors as well as colorless for galvanized substrates
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of critical substrates
  • Quickly recoatable (wet on wet)
Berlacryl – 2K PUR top and base coats
  • Translucent, opaque, metallic and pearl basecoats
  • Approval for direct food contact
Berlacryl – 2K PUR clearcoats
  • High solids content and reduced VOC release
  • Haptic properties such as soft touch and anti-slip effects
  • Outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance
Berlacryl – Stoving polishing lacquers
  • Water-clear transparency and brilliant high gloss with extraordinary depth effect
  • Up to 800mµ (0.8mm) film thickness application
  • Excellent filling power
BascoPrint – EP Inks
  • NCO or amine crosslinkable
  • highest cohesion
  • Adhesion to PA and TPU films
BerlaPrint – inks that stick and stick and stick
  • highest abrasion resistance
BerlaPrint – Printing Inks for Filigree
  • Edge sharp print image even with the smallest motifs
  • Large gloss level and shade selection
  • Also available as a silicone-free version for good overprinting/overcoating properties.
BerlaSign – phosphorescent paints
  • Afterglow colors for safety-relevant control systems
BerlaGlow – Afterglow colors
  • Afterglow applications for the watch industry
Berlaflex – elastic coatings
  • Excellent adhesion to ultra-flexible materials
  • laser markable: suitable for day/night design
  • Available as opaque and metallic topcoats, colorless or colored clearcoats
Berlapoxy – 2K stoving enamels
  • Excellent direct adhesion to various metals and electroplatings
  • Very high physical and mechanical resistances
  • Available in various base colors, silver and as clear coats
Berlapoxy – 2K casting varnish
  • Available in opaque or transparent shades
  • For laying out recesses and for color separation or highlighting
  • Different degrees of hardness
Berluran – 1K PUR topcoats
  • 1K stoving enamel for low stoving temperatures
  • available in all conceivable shades (opaque topcoats, colored or colorless clearcoats, metallics and pearls)
  • High chemical resistance
Zapon and topcoats
  • Protection against contact with air and moisture
  • Great variety of effects and colors
  • Available as transparent, colored or pigmented opaque systems

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