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Logistics centers, warehouses and industrial halls are used intensively by many different road users. To ensure safety there, traffic routes must be marked with a product that meets these high standards.


Technology description

We have developed the high-quality 2-component paints BASCOdur and BASCOpaint on the basis of modified polyurethane or epoxy resins. The products can be processed by spraying or rolling.

If a transparent and glossy seal as well as better cleanability is desired, the very high quality BASCOdur protect clearcoat can be used.


We produce and supply products for high mechanical and chemical loads – with very high adhesion. This, coupled with low susceptibility to soiling and slip-resistant surface properties, guarantees a perfect result.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Very good mechanical resistance

  • Very good chemical resistance

  • High adhesion

  • Low susceptibility to soiling


BASCOdur and BASCOpaint are particularly suitable for floors in industrial and storage halls, workshops and in garages. By adding granules, an increased grip of the markings can be achieved if required.

For marking work in cold rooms, it is recommended to use BASCOdur cool. This 2K PU paint was specially developed for use in cold storage and deep-freeze rooms. The product cures quickly even at very low temperatures.

Tested quality

We offer you tested quality. Because you rely on us.