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Further information

Here you will find useful additional and detailed information. Our product profiles for the individual technologies and applications inform you about possible applications, achievable specifications and standards. You can already select a product here that you would like to discuss with one of our experts. You will also find our product questionnaires on IMC, release agents and PU pastes. Submit them to us with your information. This is the quickest way to recommend the best product for your application and move into implementation.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

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Image brochure

Image brochure (english)

Product profile BASCOplast

BASCOlin cold spray plastic product profile

fiche produit BASCOlin

BASCOpaint spray paint product profile

fiche produit BASCOpaint

BASCOtaktil product profile

fiche produit BASCOtaktil

BASCObike bike lane markings product profile

Product profile BASCOfield GP

fiche produit BASCOfield GP

BASCOfield ready mix product profile

fiche produit BASCOfield ready mix

Product Profile Afterglow Systems BASCOdur BASCOplast_nightglow

fiche produit BASCOdur BASCOplast nightglow

BASCOrep cold plastic product profile

fiche produit BASCOrep