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General terms and conditions of sale and delivery

General terms and conditions of sale and delivery

Product profiles

Basco Carbon Coatings

Reflection – unique chrome look with pure paint structure

Paint-over-Chrome – Individualize and protect chrome-plated components

BerlaCare – High-end coating solution for peripheral applications in the medical device sector

Dual Cure UV clearcoat – surface protection realized sustainably and resource-efficiently

Monocure UV clearcoat

Hydro coating systems – Environmentally friendly from the ground up

Hydro paint systems for bikes – environmentally friendly in application – convincing in design

Pigment preparation

BerlaSign – Afterglow colors for safety-relevant guidance systems

BerlaGlow – Afterglow applications for the watch industry

BerlaPrint® – Screen / pad printing inks and special systems


Pure Passion – Specials Bike

Set accents – Specials Board

Industry flyer






ISO 9001

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Unfortunately, the download of technical data sheets and safety data sheets is not possible at the moment. Please contact our sales back office directly for this.

Thank you for your understanding.

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