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Swiss sustainability

As an innovative Swiss company with almost 100 years of history, we already carry sustainability in our DNA, because we Swiss live particularly sustainably: exemplary recycling, strict environmental regulations and consistent waste management protect the environment. We like to take responsibility for the environment – and we do as much as we can for it.


  • Preference for regional suppliers
  • Preference for sustainable suppliers: sustainable energy, carbon footprint, recycled raw material, chemical recycling (carbon cycle).
  • Use of bio-based raw materials (renewable)

Energy and resources

  • Electricity 100% renewable
  • Heat recovery from exhaust air purification for building heating – for more than 10 years
  • Reduction of primary energy consumption by 20 % since 2016

We stay tuned

  • Reduction of the CO2 footprint
  • Use of renewable raw materials
  • Observation of the chemical recycling

Swiss quality and production

We do not compromise on quality. Therefore, our quality assurance is based on an integrated overall process:

Application of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, taking into account all development and production stages | Customer-specific and factory test procedures and application tests | Intensive process monitoring – right through to plant engineering fine-tuning during series application on site.

The successful development and production of our products as well as our high service standard stand for competence, quality, tradition and innovation both at home and abroad – values that mean Swiss quality.