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Trend Colors B•I

When you deal with color as we do, you are naturally confronted with social change and future color trends. Through observation, we proactively predict what is likely to happen. We are constantly on the lookout for new trends in the world. We use these insights to develop our trend color collections. We have captured the future trend of connecting people with nature and the natural environment to improve well-being and sustainability in our Trend Colors inspiration.

Our new Trend Colors B•I illustrate the exciting world of shades and effects under the motto

“Pure Passion – inspired by nature

The high-quality hydrolacquer base colors are supplemented with fascinating effect pigments and transformed into new mood worlds. The design effects range from the rainbow effect, through color intensification with depth effect, to a glittering sparkle.

Be inspired by our design ideas.

Note: The colors and effects provided are only examples serving as a source of inspiration for creative processes. Modifications may be necessary to comply with sector-specific requirements and individual applicational conditions. The colors and effects as shown on the color chart are not binding. Deviations from the original colors/gloss levels may occur during production due to technical reasons.

Sandy Glow

Desire and dreamy

Sandy Glow is reminiscent of a sandy beach at sunrise

The color is calming without being boring


Hidden and yet experienced a lot

Glacial Ice is inspired by the beauty of glaciers in the Swiss mountains

The color is reminiscent of the glacial ice that has captured finely ground rock that has experienced much

Thundery Dark

A sense of honesty and confidence

Thundery Dark captures the deep, dark blue sky before a refreshing summer thunderstorm in the mountains

The color represents pause, reflection and the hope that the sun will soon shine again


inspiring, optimistic and life-affirming

Canola Field is inspired by the vibrancy of canola fields

The color is an expression of joie de vivre and optimism


Pure joie de vivre and radiates even from a distance

Poppy Field is the epitome of joie de vivre

The color has the incomparable appeal of a field of poppies


honest, down-to-earth and activewith both feet in life

Senuous soil is synonymous with earth and ground

The color of reliability and warmth: it radiates down-to-earthness and security


fascinating, fresh and courageous

Lilac Whisper is a faithful friend in everyone’s heart where there is no worry

The color looks fascinating, fresh and brave, without any airs and graces


Elegant, stylish and sophisticated – all at once

Olive Grove is a smart color reminiscent of the silvery green leaves of the durable olive grove


Powerful and inspiring, combining the positive qualities of blue, yellow and green

The color represents creativity and harmony of mind and body with nature


patiently and reminds us to take the present calmly

Cobalt Goblin is synonymous with the benevolence of the spirits of nature

The color of serenity and inner peace: it radiates relaxation and hope


Powerful, invigorating, warm-hearted and a sign of optimism

Pumpkin Patch is inspired by the magnificence of pumpkin fields


Passion and confidence

Midnight Violet is special because it is rarely found in nature

It is a color that inspires the imagination and invites you to dream

Customer specific solution

Not only can you use Pantone, NCS, RAL, YS colours etc, but we can also create any colour or effect you require.

Let your ideas flow and contact us.