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Color demarcations to protect road users.

Bike lane markings are of great importance to improve the safety of cyclists in road traffic. A clear color demarcation provides protection for all road users. With the BASCObike cold plastic compound, danger zones – for example, unclear intersections, entrances and exits or right-of-way regulations – can be marked in a visually striking color. The product is available ready for application, cures quickly and thus enables rapid release of traffic.


Technology description

BASCObike 2K cold plastic compound is solvent-free and based on reactive methacrylate resins. The application is done by hand application (spatula or rollers).

Your advantages at a glance

  • Solvent-free

  • Long shelf life

  • Ready to use

  • No machine necessary for processing

  • Fast curing

Fields of application

The coating has an anti-slip effect and, thanks to its eye-catching color, is particularly suitable for signaling danger zones.