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Reliable orientation

Blind or visually impaired people traveling alone may face problems or dangers in various situations. For orientation, blind or visually impaired pedestrians orient themselves according to information they take from the natural environment or surrounding buildings. This includes tactile, acoustic and visual information.

However, since these indications are not always reliable, tactile-visual floor markings (English abbreviation “TWSI”) have been developed, which can be perceived by means of a cane for the blind, via the soles of shoes or thanks to residual vision.


Technology description

Our BASCOtaktil products are a tactile-visual 2K cold plastic based on reactive methacrylate resins. Due to its relief-like and high-contrast structure, the marking is recognizable both by palpation with the blind person’s cane and feet and visually. The application can be done by means of drawing box or special templates.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fast processing

  • Very good contrast effect for the visually impaired

  • Very good tactile aid for the blind

  • Durable and resilient

  • Anti-slip

  • Weatherproof


Tactile markings have the task of guiding blind or visually impaired people safely from one place to another in public areas. BASCOtaktil products are therefore mainly used in highly frequented buildings – such as train stations, airports or on sidewalks. Further safety and better orientation are provided by attention patterns in the immediate vicinity of pedestrian crossings, at curbs, in front of stairs, ramps, escalators, elevators, etc.