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Delicious provocation

“The Song of the Sirens”

Fortunately, on our odyssey we are also given beautiful things by which we are only too happy to be seduced, and which fill us with lightness and energy. Seductions that are not devoid of provocation. By moving away from stereotypes and conventions, beauty takes on a new meaning, for example in the form of atypical shapes, disharmonious color combinations or imperfect bodies in both the visual and functional sense. Once we have overcome the initial surprise, our curiosity is aroused. And if we can recognize a deeper meaning in this novel aesthetic and identify with it, then the emotions also set in.

Colors: quiet, delicate, cuddly, cozy, neutral, rosy, discreet-restrained to elegant, exuding warmth.

Materials: light, natural, fluffy, soft, reminiscent of cashmere and fur.

Surfaces: ultra-matt, soft feel, high-gloss and transparent

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