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Test laboratory


The modern paint world knows a large number of substrates, surfaces and paint combinations. The variety of requirements for the overall system of coating and substrate is just as great. In development and release processes, we test these according to customer-specific standardized procedures.

We regularly check for

  • DBL7384
  • TL226
  • PTL5536
  • GS94007
  • TL211
  • and many more.

In addition, we are happy to support our customers with various questions and problems.
At our disposal for this purpose are, among others :

  • Embedded cross sections and sections (Bühler)
  • Optical microscopy (Keyence)
  • Determination of surface tension and FOE (Krüss)
  • Weathering (Q-labs Q-SUN and QUV)
  • Climate change test / environmental simulation (CTS, Binder,Winter)
  • Abrasion test / Abrex (Innoweb)
  • Scratch and cupping tests
  • Chemical resistance
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