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We regret that download of technical information sheets and safety data sheets is currently not available. To obtain these documents, please contact our sales back office direct. Many thanks for your understanding.

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581_999_100_200_BERLAQUA_1K_UV-Decklack_metallic_1Schicht_englisch.pdf 156 KB pdf
Allgemeine_Verkaufs-_und_Lieferbedingungen_D_F_E_I.pdf 283 KB pdf
Berlac AG - product portfolio: comprehensive spectrum of expertise. 4 MB pdf
Berlac AG: Coating Solutions for Cosmetics Packaging 2 MB pdf
Berlac AG: Coating Solutions for Household, Kitchen and Bathroom 2 MB pdf
Berlac AG: Coating Solutions for the Automotive Industry 2 MB pdf
Berlac Basco carbon coatings: efficient carbon coating systems to satisfy the most exacting requirements 694 KB pdf
Berlac Basco Carbon Coatings: efficienti sistemi di rivestimento per carbonio dalle caratteristiche elevate. 684 KB pdf
Berlac Basco Carbon Coatings: Système de revêtement carbone efficace pour répondre aux exigences les plus élevées. 156 KB pdf
Berlac coating solutions for the ski and snowboard industry 682 KB pdf
Berlac Coating solutions for the watchmaking and jewellery industry: Maximum added value with minimal quantities 1 MB pdf
Berlac Dual Cure UV clear coat system: sustainable surface protection that conserves resources. 1 MB pdf
Berlac Dual Cure UV lacca trasparente: protezione di superficie duratura e realizzata in modo sostenibile 665 KB pdf
Berlac Group: Group presentation 1 MB pdf
Berlac Group: Worldwide locations. 493 KB pdf
Berlac Hard-wearing UV clear coat 081.999.190 BLM 12953 155 KB pdf
Berlac hydro lacquer systems for bikes: environmentally friendly application - persuasive design. 764 KB pdf
Berlac hydro systems for plastics: environmentally-friendly from A to Z. 616 KB pdf
Berlac Logo CMYK neg 40mm A4.eps 372 KB eps
Berlac Logo CMYK pos 40mm A4.eps 380 KB eps
Berlac Logo Pantone neg 40mm A4.eps 372 KB eps
Berlac Logo Pantone pos 40mm A4.eps 382 KB eps
Berlac Logo RGB neg.png 43 KB png
Berlac Logo RGB pos.jpg 102 KB jpg
Berlac Logo RGB pos.png 44 KB png
Berlac Logo s/w Halbtöne pos 40 mm A4.eps 378 KB eps
Berlac Logo s/w Halbtöne_neg_40mm_A4.eps 369 KB eps
Berlac Logo s/w Strich neg 40mm A4.eps 367 KB eps
Berlac Logo s/w Strich pos 40mm A4.eps 376 KB eps
Berlac Paint-over-Chrome clear coat systems: individualising and protecting electroplated surfaces 128 KB pdf
Berlac pigment preparations based on transparent pigments: brilliant colour properties for exacting demands 557 KB pdf
Berlac Reflexion: innovative chrome look from simple lacquer coating. 592 KB pdf
Berlac Single-coat UV-curing clear coat similar to piano lacquer look, L81.3067.0-10 185 KB pdf
Berlac sistemi di lacche trasparenti UV per superfici PVD. 658 KB pdf
Berlac Solutions de revêtements pour l'horlogerie et la bijouterie - Avec d'infimes quantités, nous contribuons à une création de valeur maximale 1 MB pdf
Berlac UV clear coat systems for PVD: durable high-gloss chrome look - the eco-efficient solution. 597 KB pdf
Berlac® Reflexion: effeto cromato innovativo grazie alla semplice verniciatura laccata. 658 KB pdf
BerlaGlow®: applications phosphorescentes pour l'industrie horlogère. 832 KB pdf
BerlaGlow®: phosphorescent applications for the watchmaking industry. 831 KB pdf
BerlaPrint® 013.051.100: 1K Encre de tampographie argent brillant, prête à l'emploi 511 KB pdf
BerlaPrint® 013.051.100: Ready-to-use 1K silver gloss printing ink 511 KB pdf
Berlaprint® couleurs de sérigraphie/tampographie et pour systèmes spéciaux 159 KB pdf
BerlaPrint® encres pour sérigraphie et tampographie 236 KB pdf
BerlaPrint® Pad and screen printing ink 013.901.190 quadrilingual 1 MB pdf
BerlaPrint® screen and pad printing inks and special systems 719 KB pdf
BerlaPrint®: inchiostri per serigrafia et tampografia e sistemi speciali. 1 MB pdf
Berlaqua process lacquer: water-soluble for sustainable production 402 KB pdf
BerlaSign®: phosphorescent inks for safety way guidance systems 590 KB pdf
Certificate ISO 9001:2015, multi-lingual 323 KB pdf
Chrome substitute Berlac Reflexion: the eco-friendly alternative from simple lacquer coating. 4 MB pdf
Finiture di pregio per la casa, la cucina, il bagno I.pdf 2 MB pdf
Lacche Berlac® hydro per materie plastiche: rispettose dell' ambiente dalla A alla Z. 1,009 KB pdf
Les skis et les boards mettre l'accent sur la mode à l'aide de couleurs et d'effets 147 KB pdf
Piccole quantità per molto valore aggiunto: rivestimenti per il settore degli orologi e dei gioielli. 1 MB pdf
Sistemi di vernici per confezioni di prodotti cosmetici I.pdf 2 MB pdf
Sistemi di vernici per il settore automobilistico 1 MB pdf
Sistemi di verniciatura trasparente Berlac® Paint-over-Chrome: individualizzazione e protezione delle superficie galvaniche. 857 KB pdf
Solutions de revêtement pour automobile 1 MB pdf
Solutions de revêtement pour la maison, la cuisine, la salle de bains_.pdf 2 MB pdf
Solutions de revêtment pour des emballages de produits cosmétique 2 MB pdf
Une alternative au chrôme grâce à Berlac® Reflexion: l'alternative respectueuse de l'environnement avec une couche de peinture pure. 3 MB pdf
Vernis à masquer Berlaqua: hydrosoluble pour une finition écologique 395 KB pdf



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Berlac exhibiting at Hong Kong Optical Fair

November 06 - 08 | Int. Trade Fair for the Optical Industry | Hong Kong

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