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Time to rest.

«Warriors of light»

With this journey, there is no turning back; we are destined to succeed. High time, therefore, to think about the destination! Dreaming of a perfect world is a utopian ideal. Nevertheless, we strive for the best of all worlds; a world within our reach. With a society that provides security for everyone: economically, politically and ecological. And one that also guarantees individual freedom to each and every one of us. So let us change our point of view and push the boundaries of our tolerance. This can be more beneficial than research success or technological progress. It’s not that difficult, and yet...

...only we can do it.


neutral, subtle shades of grey/silver, cool, sophisticated monochrome


flowing, cool, water, snow


silky sparkling, high flop, high-end pigmentation


Agenda 2022

Berlac AG co-exhibiting at GET TECHNICAL

22 & 23 November 2022 | Budapest | Hungary  

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