Content - Delicious provocation

Delicious provocation.

«The song of the sirens»

Fortunately, we will also encounter wonderful things on our odyssey, by which we will all too willingly be seduced, like Poseidon, and which will fill us with calm and energy. Seduction that is not without provocation. By distancing ourselves from stereotypes and conventions, beauty takes on a whole new meaning, such as in the form of irregular shapes, clashing colour combinations or imperfect objects, in the visual as well as the functional sense. Once we have got over our initial surprise, our curiosity is aroused. And if we see a deeper meaning in this new aesthetic, with which we can identify, our emotions also become engaged.


soft, subtle, delicate, pleasant, relaxed, neutral, cheery, subtly understated to elegant, warm joyful


light, near-natural, soft, smooth, cashmere or fur


ultramatt, soft texture, high gloss & sheer


Agenda 2022

Berlac AG co-exhibiting at GET TECHNICAL

22 & 23 November 2022 | Budapest | Hungary  

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