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Berlac Trend Colours - inspiration for creative processes.

If one works with colours, such as Berlac does, engagement with societal change is unavoidable. Because future developments can be predicted on the basis of the changes observed, it is essential for Berlac and its colour experts to have meticulous powers of observation. Rather than actually inventing anything new, Berlac’s experts are continuously paying attention to the latest trends in the consumers’ world and will use these findings as a basis for developing innovative tools, such as its Trend Colours collection.

With its latest edition EIII Berlac compares our present time to a frightening but at the same time inspiring odyssey with constantly changing realities to face. Join us on our Promised Odyssey.

Berlac's latest trend colour tool again comprises 4 inspiring key themes, that are visualized each by means of pictures, text description and by 8 effect colours.

Berlac Trend Colours - designed for you.

Benefit from the Berlac Trend Colours as a source of inspiration for your creative processes. Please schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to have the latest edition presented to you personally.

Single 3D colour samples or the complete set consisting of 32 3D colour samples - delivered in a sophisticated aluminium case - can be purchased by means of below order form.

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Berlac AG co-exhibiting at GET TECHNICAL

22 & 23 November 2022 | Budapest | Hungary  

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