Content - Berlaqua process lacquer: water-soluble for a sustainable production

Berlaqua process lacquer - water-soluble for sustainable production.

The product portfolio of Berlac® lacquers for use in watch-dial manufacture has been extended by the addition of a new water-soluble process lacquer. As ecological considerations become ever more important, greater emphasis is being focused on Switzerland’s VOC tax and discussion is spreading concerning the use of acetone for the removal of lacquer coatings. In response to this, Berlac AG has developed a process lacquer which satisfies all the technical requirements placed on mechanical workability and which can be removed by means of water without leaving any residue.

Technical description.

Metal needs to be temporarily protected at many different stages of watch-dial manufacture: for example, when it is drilled or milled. Here Berlaqua process lacquer provides an ideal method of preventing scratching and similar damage. The lacquer film dries at room temperature within 10 minutes of application without shrinkage or forming ugly foam bubbles. The lacquer can be coloured with a dye solution to make it easier to see when work is carried out on the dial. After mechanical processing, the film can be removed without difficulty using water. In addition, Berlaqua process lacquer can also be used to provide temporary protection for dials that have already been coated. Owing to its solubility in water, the lacquer is not intended for use in electroplating baths.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Efficient application by spraying or brushing
  • The lacquer’s high level of flexibility enables it to withstand mechanical processing well
  • Reliable and reproducible method of application
  • Suitable for application on both metal and lacquer
  • Additional uses, e.g. as an adhesive

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