Content - Coating solutions for the watch-making and jewellery industry - tiny quantities for great added value.

Even tiny quantities make for great added value.

From industrially-manufactured everyday watches to mechanically exquisite big-brand masterpieces of Swiss watchmaking – for over 70 years watches have been ticking along with the aid of Berlac. We owe our position as market leader in this industry to our decades of experience as partners to exclusive Swiss luxury brands. In a segment where quality of workmanship, precision and reliability are inalienable elements of success, we make a major contribution to added value – with high-end lacquers in individually-produced small batches and with the finest nuancing in respect of effect and shading.

Whether printing inks, clear lacquers, base coats or casting-resin lacquers for decorative applications on watchfaces, hands and casings or masking and strippable coatings for temporary protection, our products are always in the premium class both aesthetically and technically.

Product programme.

  • BerlaPrint® screen and pad printing inks for high-relief prints and excellent contour definition even with very small designs, as both air-drying and oven-drying systems
  • BerlaPrint® silver pad printing inks with good storage stability that can be used straight from the tube for dust-free processing
  • Ready-to-use water-resistant and lightfast phosphorescent pigments BerlaGlow® with above-average intensity and duration of afterglow, suitable for high relief application and available for a virtually unlimited range of possible shades
  • Clear lacquers, transparent or coloured, as 2-component or stoving systems for low stoving temperatures (140°)
  • High-resistance opaque coloured lacquers with direct adhesion to a wide variety of metals, suitable for subsequent cutting, stamping, shaping and engraving, as 2-component or stoving systems
  • Rapid-drying, light-resistant zapon protective lacquers, with excellent adhesion to various metals, transparent or coloured, as air-drying or oven-drying systems
  • Extremely clear polishing lacquers with outstanding scratch-resistance and high solids content for brilliant high gloss and filling power, up to 800µ (0.8mm) coat thickness, transparent or coloured
  • Ultra-fine metallic and nacreous base coats for exceptional metallic brilliance, either coloured or in combination with coloured clear lacquers
  • Self-levelling casting-resin lacquers with high scratch resistance in various grades of hardness, intended for subsequent sanding and polishing, transparent or as coloured covering coats
  • Solvent-based masking lacquers with direct adhesion to various substrates for temporary protection in electroplating/degreasing baths and during mechanical processing, such as sand-blasting, brushing or sanding, suitable for bi-colour electroplating and for partial masking of substrates
  • Durable, water-soluble process lacquers Berlaqua against scratching and damage during mechanical processing
  • Transparent strippable lacquers that are easy to remove and provide protection for polished metal during transport or assembly

References - a selection.

Breitling, Cartier, Chopard, IWC, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer


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