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Berlac® Basco - efficient carbon coating system to satisfy the most exacting requirements.

The Berlac® Basco carbon coating system, introduced by the Berlac Group, offers coatings with outstanding adhesion, superb UV stability, plus automotive-quality scratch and chemical resistance for the efficient coating of carbon fibre composites.

Technical description.

The Berlac® Basco coating system is based on an extremely durable transparent primer, which allows substantial coat thicknesses to be achieved in a single painting process so as to conceal any surface defects in the composite material efficiently and economically. The highly transparent clear coat, specifically tailored to the use of this primer and substrate, protects the material and ensures the appropriate degree of resistance required by the automotive sector. Both the primer and the clear coat can be easily and effectively sanded and polished in order to achieve a Class A surface finish.

Fields of application.

The Berlac® Basco carbon coatings have been approved by the automotive industry for both interior and exterior vehicle applications. The system can also be used in any industrial sector where carbon fibre composites have to be coated as economically as possible and where anything less than a high-quality surface finish is unacceptable.

Berlac® Basco carbon coatings offer manufacturers of carbon fibre composites an exceptionally attractive alternative to standard products thanks to their reduced processing time and resultant cost savings.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Economical processing: shorter processing times due to greater coat thickness per application and outstanding sandability of each coat. Corresponding reduction in the number of applications required to obtain a perfect surface finish
  • Broad range of applications: suitable regardless of the size, geometry and thickness of components
  • Extended range of colours: BascoClear coatings can be combined with other Berlac products to create a wide variety of colours and effects
  • Highly-resistant coating solution: satisfies the specifications of various automotive and motorcycle manufacturers (interior and exterior uses)
Product profile.

Tested in compliance with:

TL 211 / TL 226 / DBL 7384


carbon fibre composites          


BascoPrime 53-0007-340
BascoClear 54-0111-341

Gloss level:

BascoPrime: high-gloss
BascoClear: high-gloss, silk gloss, matt



Special properties:

  • above-average scratch and abrasion resistance and excellent resistance to a range of chemicals
  • non/brittle for delicate and thin-walled components
  • paint film has very high creep strength allowing application of the greatest possible coat thickness
  • greatest possible transparency for the perfect carbon look
  • rapid drying with long pot life
  • high solids content for better depth effect of carbon structure
  • recommended drying parameters for components having a temperature of 80° C:

   primer: 60 min. / 80°C
   top coat: 60 min. / 80°C

OEM approvals:

System approvals:

  • exterior:     Audi, Ducati, Porsche
  • interior:      Audi, Porsche

Component approvals:

  • exterior:     Alfa Romeo, BMW, BMW motorcycles,
                      Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche
  • interior:      BMW
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