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Coating solutions for uncompromising biking fun.

Nowadays, high performance, reliable technology and precise and comfortable handling are not the only demands placed on bicycles. Irrespective of the type of activity they are interested in, cycling enthusiasts are increasingly focusing their attention on flawless eye-catching design.

Design that is intended to last calls for resistant finishes which can be applied efficiently and economically.

Specially designed for the particular requirements of the cycle industry, we offer a broad palette of coating solutions suitable for a wide variety of uses on such diverse substrates as steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon polyamides. Precisely coordinated for your specific application and specific project and with above-average physical and chemical resistance, our coating systems are designed to stand up to constant active use, whether this is for leisure or in competitive sports.

Product programme.

  • Environmentally-friendly water-based Berlac® Hydro 1-component stoving systems for all conceivable effects and designs, available as primers, base coats and topcoats for steel and aluminium substrates, suitable for 2-stage (BOP base coat / hydro or clear powder coating) or 3-stage application (primer / basecoat / hydro or powder coating)
  • Efficient and ultra-transparent Berlac® Basco carbon coating system in automotive quality for frames and add-on parts with lightweight carbon-fibre reinforced components, offering shorter processing times thanks to higher coat thickness per application and thanks to the outstanding sandability of individual coats, available as an all-in solution consisting of primer, filler, colour, effect and colourless protective lacquer
  • Berlaprint® 1 and 2-component printing inks with excellent adhesion to all metals and a wide range of plastics, precisely coordinated for use with appropriate Berlac® topcoats, for sharply contoured printing even when used for very small designs, suitable for decoration and promotional text on frames, forks and rims
  • Berluran® 1-component solvent-based stoving lacquers with low stoving temperatures for resource-friendly application and with excellent direct adhesion to all metallic substrates (add-on parts, spokes, hubs, rims), with high resistance to mineral oil, brake fluid DOT4/DOT5, cold cleaners, WD40, lubricants and commercial cleaning agents
  • Berlacryl® 2-component single-stage topcoats and clear lacquers with outstanding adhesion to all metals and virtually all plastics, with automotive approval as per TL 226, available in various levels of gloss as transparent or coloured clear lacquers and as metallic, nacreous and opaque base coats

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