Content - Coating solutions for spectacle frames made of plastic and metal

Whether plastic or metal - we provide flexibility.

As fashion accessories, spectacles are subject to short-lived trends. The demand for ever-more sophisticated colours and effects together with the widening range of demanding materials used for frames, such as polyamide or ultra-elastic metal alloys, call for innovative coating solutions that can be implemented rapidly and are guaranteed to have lasting success in the marketplace.

The wealth of corrective spectacles, sunglasses and protective goggles for sport and work is truly vast and the demands placed on lacquer technology are equally complex. For this reason, all our sector-specific products and processes for enhancing the surface quality of spectacle frames are resistant to perspiration and cosmetics, are abrasion-proof and enjoy UV and ultrasonic resistance. In close collaboration with leading manufacturers of substrates and raw materials, as well as with top designers, we work with you to develop effective solutions that enable you to meet your varied requirements for unusual surface properties and uncompromising design to perfection.

Whether plastic frames in polycarbonate, polyamide or ultra-flexible polyurethane, metal spectacles in aluminium and stainless steel or galvanised materials – we focus squarely on your success when we are developing the ideal lacquer system.

Product programme.

  • clear lacquers with excellent direct adhesion and good resistance to chemical and mechanical influences. For use on both plastic and metal substrates, as well as with ultra-flexible materials (PUR and PE elastomers, PET, flexible PVC, silicones, etc.)
  • clear lacquers for galvanised and PVD-metallised thermoplastic and ultra-flexible materials
  • clear lacquers with special tactile effects, such as soft-touch and anti-slip effects
  • overcoatable systems for multi-colour design
  • dyestuff solutions for dyeing clear lacquers and for colouring metallic lacquers
  • widely compatible pigment preparations based on highly transparent pigments for colouring high-end clear lacquers and tinting metallic and nacreous lacquers, with excellent light fastness and brilliant colour properties, free of REACH-critcal ingredients
  • metallic, nacreous and opaque base coats, also available dyed or combined with dyed clear lacquers
  • self-levelling casting-resin lacquers with high scratch resistance in various grades of hardness, intended for subsequent sanding and polishing, transparent or as coloured covering coats
  • BerlaPrint® printing inks, as two-component or stoving systems
  • lacquers for syringe application

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