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Better hearing that’s better looking.

In addition to high performance, low maintenance, long life and comfort, the most important demand placed on top-quality modern hearing aids nowadays is that they look good.

The necessity for hearing aids to look perfect and the attendant need for sophisticated colours and effects suited to the individual life-style of their wearers in all situations demand great sensitivity and creativity. Thanks to our many years of experience in developing special lacquers and effects, we are in an ideal position to provide innovative solutions. From elegant metallic shades, through discreet colours that perfectly match various hair and skin tones, right up to jaunty and amusing effects for children’s hearing aids - together with your designers, we are ideally placed to develop effective solutions in all conceivable finishes to implement your varied demands for uncompromising product design.

Especially developed for the specific demands of the hearing-aid industry, all our products are resistant to perspiration and cosmetics, non-abrasive and resistant to UV and ultrasound and are thus ideal for long-term active use.

Product programme.

  • clear lacquers with above-average resistance to chemical and mechanical influences, for plastics and galvanised or PVD-metallised materials
  • clear lacquers with special tactile properties, such as soft-touch and anti-slip effects
  • dye solutions for dyeing clear lacquers and colouring metallic lacquers
  • metallic, nacreous and opaque base coats, also dyed or in combination with dyed clear lacquers

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