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BerlaGuard antibacterial 2K PUR clear coat system.

The global spread of bacteria is accelerating. Their number is constantly increasing. The result is an increase in multi-resistant bacteria.

Surfaces that are antibacterially equipped with BerlaGuard help to meet the increased hygiene requirements and counteract the spread of infectious diseases and resistances.

Biocides - how they work.

Classic biocides, such as silver ions additives in antibacterial coating systems commonly used on the market, work through antimicrobial activity, i.e. through migration of toxic substances through the surface into the microbes. By disturbing the metabolism or by interacting with the genetic material, the germs are killed. Due to this constant degradation of the agent, the antimicrobial protection is lost over time.

BerlaGuard - how it works.

The antibacterial additives used in BerlaGuard work through permanent charge shifts on the surface without any loss of active material. They cause a kind of alternating dynamic, similar to a «vibrating» protective shield, which makes it impossible for bacteria and fungi to settle and thus prevents the formation of a biofilm. This principle is purely physical and is therefore not subject to the BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation).

BerlaGuard - advantages at a glance.

  • use of purely physically effective additives
  • no use of critical nanomaterials subject to the Biocidal Product Regulation
  • no active substances are dissolved out of the paint and consumed::

   - system with permanent efficacy against bacteria and fungie
   - no effect on the human body: non-sensitising, non-irritating to skin, allergen-free

  • environmentally friendly, as non-persistent and non-bioaccumulative
  • no loss of effectiveness in combination with disinfectants
  • especially suitable for surfaces that are difficult to disinfect and where antibacterial protection is desired

Wid range of applications.

BerlaGuard is available as a 2K PUR clear coat system in high-gloss and matt variants for indoor and outdoor use and is ideally suited for applications such as remote controls, cordless telephones, toilet push plates, sanitary fittings, light switches, children toys and surfaces that are generally difficult to disinfect.

Numerous other applications are conceivable. Please contact our sales department for further applications or comprehensive advice.

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