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We put brands centre stage - strikingly and dependably.

First-rate materials, timeless design, unique tactile quality and long lifespan are today the deciding factors in the success of lifestyle products for the household. Whether it’s a question of coffee machines or sewing machines, consumer electronics or operating elements for stoves and microwaves, the demands placed on the surface finish of the plastics used in respect of appearance, feel and sturdiness in everyday use are enormous.

Thanks to our many years of expertise in the sector, we fully understand the special design and technical requirements that must be met in coating domestic appliances and make a decisive contribution to perfecting your visions and concepts cost-effectively to the very last detail. The great advantage of our easy-clean lacquering systems lies in their excellent adhesion to surfaces that are difficult to coat. Their stable thermal properties and above-average resistance to extreme mechanical and chemical conditions make them ideal for daily use. All products are designed for subsequent printing or laser labelling. With colours precisely matched to surrounding materials and other decorative details, our lacquers give all design objects the perfect finishing touch and enhance their attractiveness and functionality with striking and lasting effect.

Product programme.

  • clear lacquers with special surface properties for reducing susceptibility to dirt and above-average resistance to abrasion, aggressive media and heat
  • FDA approved systems for direct contact with foodstuffs
  • clear lacquers for PVD-metallised and vacuum-deposited thermoplastics and flexible plastic substrates
  • clear lacquers with special tactile properties, such as soft-touch, anti-slip and ceramic-like effects
  • ultrafine metallic and nacreous lacquers for perfect metal imitations and colour-stable galvanic effects as stoving or two-component systems, also dyed or in combination with dyed clear lacquers
  • opaque base coats for economical single-coat applications, as one or two-component systems
  • energy-efficient and environment-friendly water-based UV systems
  • high gloss base coats and clear lacquers to create mirror effects and special depht effects
  • BerlacPrint® pad and screen printing inks, 1 or 2comp. systems for subsequent finishing and individualising

References - a selection.

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