Content - Coating solutions for writing implements as unmistakeable as a signature

As unmistakeable as a signature.

For years now, our products have been successfully used in the writing implement sector. Applications range from superbly finished collector’s pieces and elegant prestige items, through writing implements for everyday office use, right up to mass-produced articles for advertising purposes.

Wherever extravagant opulence, matchless precision and top-quality finish are essential, manufacturers of leading brands opt for our state-of-the-art products and use these for their fountain pens, ball-points, roller-balls and propelling pencils. Whether it’s a question of exquisite, precisely-nuanced shades for imaginative decoration, whether special tactile lacquers to make holding the pen more comfortable, or whether protective lacquers polished to high-gloss perfection for an attractive appearance that lasts: by choosing Berlac you ensure a solution that is unequalled in respect of aesthetic appeal, creativity and quality.

Product programme.

  • Extremely clear polishing lacquers with outstanding scratch-resistance and high solids content for brilliant high gloss and filling power, up to 800µ (0.8mm) coat thickness for special depth effects, transparent or coloured
  • clear lacquers with above-average resistance to aggressive media and mechanical impact as two-component or stoving systems
  • clear lacquers with special tactile effects, such as soft-touch or anti-slip effects
  • metallic, nacreous and opaque base coats, also dyed or in combination with dyed clear lacquers as one or two-component stoving systems
  • dye solutions for dyeing clear lacquers and colouring metallic lacquers
  • widely compatible pigment preparations based on transparent pigments for colouring high-end clear lacquers and tinting metallic and nacreous lacquers, with excellent light fastness and brilliant colour properties, free of REACH-critcal ingredients
    • BerlaPrint ® printing inks, as two-component or stoving systems

References - a selection.

Caran d’Ache, Cartier, Cross, Diplomat, Faber-Castell, Lamy, Montblanc, Tiffany


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