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Lacquers to get people talking.

In addition to a wealth of high-end functions, ease of use, superb sound properties and hundred-percent reliability, today’s top-quality modern telephones - whether mobile, cordless or fixed - must also be visually attractive.

Thanks to the range of effects provided by our coating solutions, we can offer innovative perspectives that leave no wish unfulfilled. Whether you require fine metallic shades or elegant piano lacquer for a luxury touch, whether a subtle mix of high gloss and silky lustre for a stylish contemporary look or sophisticated trendy colours to give a smart impression – our premium-quality lacquers are specifically tailored to your design needs and the materials you use to ensure that the ultimate aesthetic demands are met in full. Precise matching of colour shades and effects on all sorts of substrate are a matter of course for casings, keypads and decorative elements.

Our products ensure that your telephones not only boast an eye-catching exterior, but that they also retain their attraction for a very long time to come. Thanks to the careful selection of systems and their combination with the underlying materials, we make certain that the high sector-specific demands in respect of everyday durability and resistance to a variety of media are met in full. Base coats formulated to individual customer specifications together with highly-developed clear lacquers form a unity that ensures long-term optical and tactile brilliance. For special requirements, we can also provide newly-developed environmentally-friendly UV lacquers, also water-based, that complete our range for durable end-products.

Product programme.

  • clear lacquers and base coats with above-average resistance to chemical and mechanical influences, for thermoplastics and elastomers, for galvanised and PVD-metallised material

  • clear lacquer systems for reduced susceptibility to dirt and easy cleaning properties

  • clear lacquers with special tactile properties, such as soft-touch or anti-slip effects

  • metallic, nacreous and opaque base coats, dyed or in combination with dyed clear lacquers

  • economical single-coat systems with high abrasion resistance

  • energy-efficient, hard-wearing UV lacquers, also aqueous-based, combinable with all conceivable colours of base coats

  • laser-engravable coating systems for use with day-night design for keypads

  • BerlaPrint® pad and screen printing inks, as two-component or stoving Systems

  • high gloss base and clear coats to create mirror effects and special depht effects

References - a selection.

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