Content - Premium-grade coating systems for cosmetics packaging as sophisticated as the contents.

Cosmetics packaging, as sophisticated as the contents.

Whenever contents promise beauty, care and well-being and discerning consumers should be convinced of their merits, the presentation and finish of the packaging is of paramount importance. Ideally, packaging is not merely a pledge of quality, but also an evocation of all the fascination behind a particular cosmetics brand.

A perfect way of creating a highly sophisticated and aesthetic effect today are metallised surfaces which help transform beauty products into genuine objects of desire. The adhesion of these metallised surfaces to their substrate is achieved with an appropriate primer, while a finish using carefully-selected top coats ensures an alluring appearance that is designed to last.

The solutions we have developed specifically for this application are based on a variety of different technologies and can be adapted flexibly to meet the requirements of particular projects and individual customers, even for production in small batches. Thanks to their excellent adhesion and superior resistance to abrasion, finger prints and the contents themselves, our top coats guarantee that an elegant precious-metal look is maintained during transport and every day the beauty product is in use despite all the chemical and mechanical influences it is subjected to. Needless to say, all our products are optimised for subsequent processing by means of printing and hot-film stamping.

Product programme.

  • primers for a wide range of plastic substrates
  • top coats in all conceivable colours and effects for PVD-metallised or vacuum-deposited surfaces
  • systems with excellent adhesion properties and superior resistance to abrasion, finger prints and the content themselves
  • solvent-based, aqueous and UV-curing systems
  • BerlaPrint® pad and screen printing inks, as two-component or stoving systems
  • systems ideal for printing or hot foil embossing


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