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Berlac® pigment preparations - product profile.


Berlac® pigment preparation 086.- - -.100. Pigment concentration with ultra-transparent pigments, 300 mPa.s.

Testing methods:
  • 3000 hours UV sun test as per DIN/ISO DeltaE<0.2 (excluding shades 590/650/680: 1500 hours Delta E=1)
  • 240 hours perspiration testing as per ISO12870
  • 240 hours condensation water testing as per ISO 6270-2 (formerly DIN 50017)
  • hydrolytic stability, 96 hours at 90°C/95% rel. humidity

All tests have been performed with Berlac® clear lacquering systems recorded in the technical data sheet, using the addition of 15% Berlac® pigment preparation.

Intended Berlac® coating systems (as per technical data sheet):

  • conventional 1- and 2-component systems (air-drying and stoving applications)
  • radiation-curing UV clear lacquer systems
Possible uses:
  • for colouring clear lacquers
  • for tinting metallic and nacreous lacquers
  • for shading individual effects/hues
  • for enhancing substrates whose surface structure is required to show through
  • ideal for use on mixing and dosing equipment (volumetric, gravimetric)
  • 22 basic colours that can be mixed together as per colour charts and to individual customer specifications
Special properties:
  • high chemical resistance
  • high light and weathering fastness
  • extremely compatible with Berlac® coating systems
  • optimum pigment concentration
  • high colour intensity and brilliance
  • very good flow properties
  • manufactured with narrow tolerances (colour strength, shade)
  • suitable for storage
  • REACH compliant


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