Content - Berlac pigment preparations: brilliant colour properties for most exacting demands.

Berlac® pigment preparations - brilliant colour properties for most exacting demands.

With the addition of its pigment preparations based on transparent pigments, Berlac has enhanced its portfolio for colouring high-end coating systems for decorative and functional applications with an advanced group of products. The meticulous selection of ultra-transparent organic and inorganic pigments with good light fastness and high levels of resistance ensures coverage of the entire spectrum and opens up new design potential. With optimum formulations using cutting-edge materials containing no listed or other questionable ingredients, Berlac® pigment preparations ensure excellent compatibility for all target applications and comply with all current health and environmental standards, all without compromising their excellent performance.

Technological description.

The Berlac pigment preparations are ready-to-use monopigment preparations based on a widely compatible acrylic resin solution containing solvents. The organic and inorganic pigments they contain are in an optimum concentration and are hallmarked by a very high level of transparency. Available with a viscosity of 300 mPa.s, the pigment concentrates are homogenously dispersed and largely immune to separation, which ensures good storage for efficient mixing of all shades required.

Fields of application.

Specially coordinated for use with a wide range of Berlac® coating systems, the pigment preparations can be incorporated into conventional 1- and 2-component systems (air-drying and stoving applications), as well as into radiation-curing UV systems thanks to their outstanding compatibility. The pigment concentrates are available in 22 basic colours, but also to match a colour scale or to customers’ own specifications and are ideal for colouring clear lacquers, tinting metallic and nacreous lacquers and for shading individual hues and effects. Thanks to colorimetric metering of colour strength and controlled tint, it is possible for Berlac® pigment preparations to be used on mixing and dosing equipment.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Greater design potential: high pigment transparency for enhanced intensity and brilliance of colour; coverage of the entire spectrum thanks to a wide range of miscible basic shades
  • Simple to use: thanks to extremely good flow properties and ready-to-use delivery form
  • Product reliability: reproducible colour consistency with tight tolerances in respect of colour intensity and shade
  • Broad range of applications: far-reaching compatibility with Berlac® solvent-based 1- and 2-component systems (air-drying and stoving applications) and with UV-curing systems
  • Highly-resistant solution for colouring coating systems for demanding applications: high level of light fastness and excellent resistance to heat and chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly colourant with a future: contains no REACH-critical ingredients

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