Content - Berlac Dual Cure UV clearcoat System - test results

Berlac® dual cure UV clear coat system - test results.

Article no.


Cross cut (PC, PA, PC/ABS):

 Gt 0

Hydrolysis in compliance with TL 226 and DBL 7384 (PC, PA, PC/ABS):

 Gt 0  / OK

Condensation-water constant atmosphere in compliance with TL226  (PC, PA, PC/ABS):

Gt 0  / OK

Resistance to creams and lotions as per PV 3964 (PC, PA, PC/ABS):

Gt 0  / OK

Micro scratch resistance as per PV 3987:

OK residual gloss 88%

Scratch resistance PV 3952:


Hot storage 10 days 90°C (PC, PA, PC/ABS):

Gt 0  / OK

Abrasion resistance, Crockmeter 2000 strokes dry:


HWT 2 hours 70°C (PC, PA, PC/ABS):

Gt 0 / OK

Resistance under temperature in compliance with DBL 7384, Coca Cola / orange juice / Nivea sun cream / Nivea cream / test mixture (PC, PA, PC/ABS):





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