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Berlac® dual cure UV clear coat system - sustainable surface protection that conserves resources.

Cost optimisation, eco-friendly processing, greater levels of resistance and impeccable appearance were the challenges confronting Berlac AG when it developed its dual cure UV clear coat system 082.907.--- for demanding plastics applications. The UV-curing clear coat system unites the advantages of rapid UV-curing with those of isocyanate crosslinking for shadow zones in complex 3D components and is hallmarked by its automotive-quality surface finish. With its significantly lower VOC content, the Berlac® dual cure UV clear coat system 082.907.--- impressively combines technological progress, environmental protection, industrial safety and economy.

Technological description.

The Berlac® dual cure UV clearc coat system 082.907.---  is based on UV-reactive components containing OH-groups. The two-stage curing process is achieved initially by the reaction of NCO-OH groups by means of forced drying for between 7 and 10 minutes at 60–80°C (circulating air or IR) in order to prevent the inclusion of solvents and to ensure curing in the shadow zones that are not reached by UV rays. The workpiece owes its final surface properties to downstream polymerisation which is effected in a matter of seconds by means of UV light and allows immediate onward processing of the workpiece. Without losing its performance Berlac UV Dual Cure clear coat 082.907.--- enables a very flexible handling regarding the individual steps within the curing process.

Fields of application.

Provided substrates are pre-treated correctly as prescribed and relevant processing and application parameters are adhered to, the Berlac® dual cure UV clear coat system 082.907.--- offers outstanding adhesion on standard plastics. The UV clear coat system with superior surface properties in automotive quality (interior applications) can be used for decorative purposes wherever there is call for a durable and top-quality surface finish that will be subject to heavy use. Berlac UV Dual Cure clear coat 082.907.- - - is available in three different gloss versions: high gloss (082.907.100), semi-glossy (082.907.200) and matt (082.907.300). For applications in combination with UV sensitive plastics, Berlac offers the versions 082.907.103/203/303 with tailored UV absorbers. In addition, the Berlac dual cure UV system is available as a transparent pigmentable version piano black for black substrates and as a printable version 082.907.1x0/2x0/3x0). For special applications, such as PA12 materials, etc., Berlac offers modifed formulations.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Increased productivity: higher conveyor speeds resulting in increased machine capacity thanks to UV-curing in a matter of seconds
  • Reduced space requirements due to smaller size of drying equipment
  • Flexibility: rapid onward handling of components is possible thanks to fast UV-curing
  • Less environmental impact: low-VOC coating solution with lower energy consumption for venting and heating workpieces
  • Wider range of applications: thanks to combined curing using UV radiation and isocyanate crosslinking for complex 3D components with shadow zones
  • Permanent retention of high-grade plastic surface: adhesive properties and resistance levels remain high throughout the product’s entire life cycle; compliance with the specifications of the German automotive industry (interior applications)

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