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Berlac® Basco - efficient carbon coating system to satisfy the most exacting requirements.

Superior rigidity, high stability, low weight, reduced plastic density and attractive look for applications in visible areas make the light construction material CFC into a resource-saving and highly versatile, high-performance material. 

Applicable via spraying processes, the Berlac® Basco Carbon Coatings − a series of complementary coating solutions specifically designed for carbon fibre reinforced plastics − support these outstanding material properties and ensure a consistently appealing carbon look over the entire product lifecycle, even with constant daily use. 

Excellent durability profile.

The Berlac® Basco Carbon Coatings range impresses with its outstanding direct adhesion to the carbon substrate and with resistances that meet automotive standards both for interior and exterior applications as well as for the engine compartment. Specially flexible modifications are available for greater mechanical stress in exteriors. 

Efficient complete system.

The Berlac® Basco Carbon Coating system is based on a transparent, thixotropic primer with excellent stability that allows substantial coat thicknesses to be achieved in a single painting process so as to conceal any surface defects in the composite material efficiently and economically with fewer jobs. For use on highly flawed substrates, different UV fillers are available, which, thanks to curing in a matter of seconds, ensure short-term processing of the components.

The highly transparent clear coats explicitly tailored to the primer and kind of substrate protect the material and ensure the required resistances in high-quality and ambitious applications. Both the filler and clear coats can be sanded and polished with ease to achieve a Class A surface finish.

Thanks to their shortened process times and the associated cost savings, the Berlac® Basco Carbon Coatings offer manufacturers of carbon fibre composites a worthwhile alternative to standard market products.   

Versatile application.

The Berlac® Basco Carbon Coating solutions come with series approval from renowned OEMs both for interior and exterior uses as well as for uses in the engine compartment.   

The Berlac® Basco Carbon Coating system can be used in any industrial sector where carbon fibre composites in visible decorative areas need to be coated as economically as possible and where anything less than a high-quality surface finish is unacceptable. In addition to the automotive industry, this applies primarily to the sports and orthopaedic products sector, where applications such as bikes, helmets, rackets, skis, etc. have to be highly functional and to simultaneously live up to current lifestyle trends.  

Your application - our expertise.

Whichever industry you work in, the Berlac® Basco Carbon Coating solutions let you sustainably upgrade any carbon fibre reinforced substrate. Our experienced specialists reliably partner with you on-site to provide you with training and technical support at all times. No matter whether it is before and during implementation of your projects or once your projects have been completed.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Shortend process times: due to the greater coat thickness achieved in a single application and due to the outstanding sanding behaviour of each individual coat, the number of jobs necessary to obtain a perfect surface finish is reduced.
  • Complete solution from a single source: starting with the Berlac® BascoFill fillers through the Berlac® BascoPrime primers to the Berlac® BascoClear protective clear coats
  • Flexibility: top coats with different drying parameters take into account the different requirements of the users.
  • Wide application spectrum: suitable regardless of component size, geometry or thickness
  • Highly resistant coating solution: satisfying the specifications of various automobile and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide (interior and exterior uses, engine compartment)

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