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BerlaSign® phosphorescent inks.

BerlaSign® products have been especially designed to meet the technological demands and quality requirements inherent in the manufacture of photoluminescent signage systems. Their extremely long afterglow makes them ideally suited for safety-related applications and is targeted at the specific and standardised requirements and expectations of technically-oriented industrial applications.

Technological description.

BerlaSign® systems make use of a familiar technology that can also be described as a light battery. It uses a physical process in which cold light is produced without any chemical reaction occurring in the raw materials used. This guarantees that phosphorescence is long-lasting and does not diminish in intensity. Unlike the products currently on the market, this innovative new product is resistant to water and therefore suffers neither greying nor the loss of luminescence that is associated with this. Needless to say, in line with physiological and ecological requirements, these systems are not radioactive and contain no listed heavy metals or other questionable substances. BerlaSign® products are currently available in shades ranging from brilliant turquoise to classic yellow-green; other phosphorescent inks are in development.

Fields of application.

The products comprising the BerlaSign® range have been developed for visual and functional printing applications on a variety of substrates. All conventional methods of application, including screen and pad printing, spraying, rolling and curtain coating are supported by these systems. They can be used in the production of photoluminescent signs for escape route markings, fire prevention signage, low-level way guidance systems, for marking stairs and edges and for other forms of visual warning signals. Additional uses are possible in the automotive sector to provide luminescent marking of various functional components, such as switches, levers and buttons, doorsills, pillars, etc.; this opens up both new visual and interactive potential. The same is true of the consumer design and domestic appliance segments.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Wide range of applications: pad and screen printing, spraying, rolling, curtain coating
  • Water-resistant coating against greying and loss of luminescence
  • Broad spectrum of mass tones and phosphorescent colours, plus customer-specific shades
  • All levels of gloss and matt finish possible
  • New standard in respect of intensity and duration of luminescence
  • Compatible underprinting and overprinting systems available for all applications
  • Ready to use

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