Content - BerlaPrint screen and pad printing inks - product Profile.

BerlaPrint® screen- and pad printing inks - product profile.

Tested in accordance with / on:

TL 226 / TL 211
Aluminium, plastics, coatings


Metals, plastics, coatings, glass

Layer build-up:

Single or multiple layers


711. / 750. / 752. / 784.---.100 plus special systems


Limitless choice of colours

Special characteristics:

  • Above-average scratch and abrasion resistance and excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  • Long-lasting forming flexibility. No stress-whitening
  • High temperature resistance

OEM approved for:

Interiors: BMW, Audi
Exteriors: BMW, VW, awaiting approval


Agenda 2022

Berlac AG exhibiting at Kompozyt-Expo

28 - 29 September 2022 | Int. Trade Fair for Composite Materials, Technologies and Products | Krakow | Poland

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