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BerlaPrint® screen / pad printing inks and special systems.

The product portfolio of the BerlaPrint® system line includes the latest screen and pad printing inks, compatible roller, spray and curtain coatings, marking inks and functional coatings for technical applications. These printing inks and special coatings from Berlac AG offer automotive-quality coating systems that provide outstanding levels of resistance and ultra-thin coat thickness for both interior and exterior applications.

Technical description.

The widest possible range of application technologies can be uniquely combined within the BerlaPrint® system line. Precisely targeted work goes into meeting the challenging demands this places on processability and compatibility and on the natural ultimate resistive qualities of the inks and lacquers. Depending on the task and project objective, our BerlaPrint® products are applied to parts, sheets or rolls, either singly or in combination using screen or pad printing and/or roller, spray or curtain coating processes and are then physically and/or thermally cured. After drying, and depending on the application, subsequent processes may punch or shape sheets or rolls to the desired geometry; this requires the system to have a high level of permanent plasticity. Depending on the final application, components can subsequently be back-moulded with plastic. This involves brief exposure to temperatures in excess of 200°C which the printing inks are able to withstand without suffering damage. Other requirements, such as laser marking, printability, heat resistance to 650°C and similar extreme conditions can be satisfied on a case-by-case basis. Our systems are coordinated in such a way as to ensure limitless possibilities for overprinting and/or underprinting the inks and lacquers, thus meeting the demands frequently made of an online printing process. Partial post-printing, even on cured layers of lacquer or paint, can be achieved using pad printing or digital marking processes.

Fields of application.

The screen and pad printing ink systems can be used on a wide variety of metals and plastics, but also on primers, coatings, ceramic surfaces and glass and can be subsequently coated, shaped or back-moulded in post-processing. The method of application and the thin coating thickness compared with spray coating offer considerable potential for savings and make decoration and protective coating possible without loss of ink or lacquer. The very high pigmentation of the printing inks enables colour shades to be reproduced with total accuracy, frequently on coloured or dark substrates as well. The top-quality ingredients, selected in accordance with physiological, ecological and technical criteria, are targeted towards applications in the technical and industrial segments, where durability and high resistance levels are called for. In addition to covering a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, these systems are also suitable for use in the medical sector thanks to their high quality and biocompatibility. They also meet requirements for wet strength and brilliant appearance in glass applications. In addition to their visual properties, the ink systems also offer mechanical and chemical resistance to cleaning agents and processing media in the household and consumer goods segments. Finally, all these products can be adjusted to include functional capabilities that provide tactile, abrasive, easy-to-clean or antibacterial functionality as required.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Various methods of application: screen/pad printing, roller, spray or curtain coating, digital marking
  • User-friendliness: available either as a 2-component or a 1-component system
  • Reliable and reproducible application method: extremely low QC tolerances
  • Broad application spectrum: suitable regardless of component size or geometry and for a wide range of materials and printing substrates
  • Potential for individualization: wide range of colours, effects and functionalities possible
  • Highly-resistant coating solution: complies with German automotive specifications (interiors and also exterior uses depending on method of application), factory testing standards for household appliances and consumer goods, children's toys, interior glasswork and electronic components

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