Content - Berlac Reflexion: Test Results

Berlac® Reflexion - test results.

Cross-cut adhesion:Gt0
Scratch resistance 4N and finger nails:no breaking of coating film

Abrasion resistance, 
Crockmeter 2000 double strokes:

no change

Heat storage, 216 hours (90 days) at

Gt0, scratch resistance OK no change

Condensed water-constant climate, 
240 hr/40°C at 96% humidity + 1hr regeneration:

Gt0, no change

Hydrolysis test 168 hr/90°C at 96%
humidity (climate chamber):

Gt0, minimal change in appearance

Resistance under the influence of
temperature 24 hr/60°C (Coca Cola,
orange juice, Nivea Sun SPF15,
Nivea cream, sun lotion test blend):

Gt0, no change

Resistance to hand cream and sun
lotion, 24 hr/80°C:

Gt0, scratch resistance OK no change

Steam jet test, 150mm distance, water 
temperature 60°C, 60 sec., pressure 90 bar:

value 0 (in accordance with DIN 55662)

Stone impact test:OK


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