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Berlac® Reflexion - product profile.

Tested in compliance with:                           

TL 226 / TL 211 / DBL 7384
Tested on:PC/ABS (T65, T85 XF), PC, ABS
Substrates:Wide range of plastics, metals, glass        
Application:3-coat application essential
  • Primer black/grey: 2-component PUR system 

  • Base coat glossy: 2-component system
  • Top coat: 2-component PUR system
Level of gloss:
  • Primer: high gloss
  • Basislack: gloss
  • Top coat: satin gloss, gloss

 Basic aluminium, silver and chrome imitations
 (standard to dark chrome)

Special properties:      

  • Above-average scratch and abrasion resistance and excellent resistance to various chemicals 
  • Non-brittle coating solution for filigree and thin-walled components thanks to ultra-thin, elastic coats
  • Laser-engravable for day/night designs: with possible rear-lighting of symbols, e.g. switches
  • Translucent for applications on semi-transparent plastics, e.g. for creating ambient lighting
  • Designed for post-process printing by means of pad printing application
  • It is essential to comply with the drying parameters quoted:

   Primer: 30 min. / 80°C
   Base coat : 30 min. / 80°C
   Top coat: 30 min. / 80°C

OEM approval:

Exterior:     Audi, VW
Interior:      Audi, Daimler, Jaguar, VW


Agenda 2019

Berlac exhibiting at Hong Kong Optical Fair

November 06 - 08 | Int. Trade Fair for the Optical Industry | Hong Kong

Agenda 2020

Berlac exhibiting at PaintExpo

April 21 - 24, 2020 | Int. Trade Fair for Industrial Coating | Karlsruhe | Germany

Berlac exhibiting at Hong Kong Optical Fair

November 2020 | Int. Trade Fair for the Optical Industry | Hong Kong

Berlac exhibiting at Fakuma

October 13 - 17, 2020 | Int. Trade Fair for Plastics Processing | Friedrichshafen | Germany

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