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Berlac® Reflexion - unique chrome look from simple lacquer coating.

Berlac® Reflexion from the house of Berlac is a mirror-smooth coating system of top automotive quality which stunningly imitates the appearance of chromed surfaces to a standard never before seen. The results produced in automated coating processes are comparable with those obtained by galvanic plating or PVD metallisation.

Technical description.

Berlac® Reflexion is based on a 3-coat system, which starts with a specially-designed primer that provides excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates. Specifically intended for use with this primer and the highly-resistant clear lacquer top coat, the very thinly applicable Reflexion base coat displays excellent covering properties and – provided the required spraying and drying parameters are strictly adhered to - creates brilliant effects together with outstanding adhesion between the base lacquer and the clear lacquer finish.

Berlac Reflexion® has been approved by the automotive industry for both interior and exterior uses. The coating system is also ideal for all manner of decorative applications in other sectors where a top-quality chromed surface is required, but where economic considerations preclude conventional chromium plating or PVD metallisation.

Fields of application.

Berlac® Reflexion is the perfect choice for the automobile industry since it represents an alternative surface finish to galvanising and PVD coating which complies with REACH requirements, provides corrosion resistance for critical exterior components, is hardly affected by bottlenecks in contract production capacity and offers persuasive economic advantages, especially in respect of high-volume models.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Broader colour palette for designers in the realm of spray paints
  • Economical processing: no need for expensive supplementary technologies
  • Reliable application: eliminates colour instability in the electroplating bath
  • Unlimited capacity: can be used with conventional coating equipment
  • Broad applicational spectrum: suitable with all component sizes, shapes and thicknesses on a wide range of substrates
  • Potential for functionalisation: laser-engravable and translucent
  • Environmentally-friendly technology with a future: contains no REACH-critical ingredients such as chrome (III) and chrome (VI)
  • Highly-resistant coating solution: complies with German automotive specifications (interior and exterior uses)


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