Content - Berlac Paint-over-chrome: Product profile

Berlac® Paint-over-Chrome - Product profile.

Substrates:different chromium-platings

single-coat: PUR
two-coat: PUR / PUR


2-component PUR system 

Level of gloss:                             matt to high-gloss

unlimited palette of colours and effects (precious metal imitations, dark-chrome look, etc.)

Special properties:            

  • different electroplating types with appropriate pretreatment
  • above-average mechanical and chemical resistance
  • very good resistance to UV and weathering
  • very good  flow and very good filling power
  • rapid drying
  • post-printing possible with screen or pad printing
OEM approvals interiors:
  • PSA:       B 15 50 50
  • BMW:     GS 97045-2
  • Fiat:        9 / 55842 / 01
  • VW:        TL 226

OEM approval exteriors:        

  • condensed water-constant climate, 240 hr as per
    DIN EN ISO 6270-2
  • steam jet test as per PV 1503
  • stone impact test with subsequent condensed water-constant climate, 240 hr
  • climate change as per PV 1200
  • chemical resistance as per TL 211
  • Florida weathering (Xenon) as per PV 3930
  • car wash simulation Amtec Kistler


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