Content - Berlac Paint-over-chrome clear coat systems: individualising and protecting electroplated surfaces

Berlac® Paint-over-chrome clear coat Systems - individualising and protecting electroplated surfaces.

Cost pressures, weight and other considerations make the automobile industry loath to use solid materials, particularly in the small car sectorThe high-gloss chromium-plating of plastic components is therefore becoming an increasingly popular method of enhancing the visual impact of automotive interiors. In combination with Berlac®’s highly-resistant Paint-over-chrome clear coat systems, which can be coloured to any shade required, standard chrome surfaces of this type can now be given an individualised appearance with ease. A vast range of effects, from precious metal imitations through to an elegant black-chrome look, can now be generated in automated coating processes with no fluctuations in colour or consistency. In addition, Berlac® Paint-over-chrome clear lacquers ensure reliable protection from stone chips and corrosion for chromium-plated components fitted in critical exterior locations throughout the entire life of the vehicle.

Technological description.

Depending on how much wear is entailed by the application in question, Berlac® Paint-over-chrome clear lacquers can be applied either as a coloured one-coat system or as a primer together with a top coat. Both PUR and durable UV systems with above-average chemical and physical resistance are available. The systems can be applied without pre-treatment of the galvanised surface and without time constraints at any time after the process bath to the corresponding electroplated substrates.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Broad palette of colours and effects for designers: clear lacquer that can be coloured to any shade required, imitation of a wide variety of metallic and precious metal shades based on chromium-plating, level of gloss can be individually adjusted
  • Reliable and reproducible method of application using automated coating processes
  • Straightforward processing without pre-treatment and without any time limits after processing bath
  • Long-lasting top-quality metallic appearance: high resistance and adhesive properties remain unchanged throughout the entire life cycle of the product
  • Flexibility: can be processed industrially using energy-efficient UV curing or forced drying
  • Potential for functionalisation: simple application of logos, symbols and other markings via screen or pad printing
  • Complies with European automotive specifications


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