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Our lacquers appeal to all the senses.

Sensory perception has a fundamental influence on our decision to buy an article. A surface finish that appeals to our feelings is therefore becoming ever more important.

Smart and attractive surface finishes play a decisive role in automotive interiors and exteriors - in all price brackets - since they emphasise the value of the product as a whole and make customisation much simpler.

To enjoy a successful career in the automotive industry today, however, the surfaces of plastic and metal substrates must not only be appealing in their appearance, they must also be able to stand up to the demands of everyday use, showing no lasting signs of mechanical impacts or of contact with cleaning products and sun creams, etc. Over and above this, they must also be possible to apply economically and efficiently during production.

Metal and leather imitations that not only look perfect, but also feel deceptively genuine, scratch-proof aluminium, warm chrome-look components - together with you, we create solutions tailor-made to your particular applications and specifications. Thanks to their effective interaction with our coating solutions, which set new standards in respect of design, resistance, ergonomics and functionality, we imbue the materials you use with an unmistakeable identity of their very own.

Product programme.

  • clear lacquer systems for thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers and PVD-metallised substrates
  • clear coat systems Berlac® paint-over-chrome that can be coloured to any shade required (i.e. dark chrome) to give chrome surfaces an individualised appearance and to protect electroplated components (interior and exterior) throughout the entire life cycle of the product
  • low-VOC dual cure UV clearcoat systems for interior applications, designed for complex 3D components with shadow zones
  • clear lacquer systems with special tactile properties, such as soft-touch and anti-slip effects
  • Berlac® Reflexion mirror-smooth 3-coat lacquer system to imitate the appearance of chromed surfaces comparable with those obtained by galvanic plating or PVD metallisation
  • efficient and highly transparent carbon coating system Berlac® Basco for shorter processing times due to greater coat thickness per application and outstanding sandability of each coat
  • ultrafine metallic base coats that can also be dyed or combined with dyed clear lacquers
  • elastic coating systems for ultra-flexible substrates, such as silicones, TPE, TPU, flexible PVC
  • laser-engravable coating systems for use in day-night design applications
  • high-gloss base coats and clear lacquers to create mirror effects and special depth effects
  • screen and pad printing inks BerlaPrint® for interior and exterior applications made of plastic and metal
  • screen printing inks BerlaPrint® for extensive two-dimensional application, ultra-flexible for subsequent thermoforming
  • versatile phosphorescent inks BerlaSign® for electroless functional and ambient lighting
  • widely compatible pigment preparations based on highly transparent pigments for colouring high-end clear lacquers and tinting metallic and nacreous lacquers, with excellent light fastness and brilliant colour properties, free of REACH-critcal ingredients

References - a selection.

Alfa, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Lancia, Mini, Mercedes, Peugeot, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Volvo, VW


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