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Berlac Trend Colours - inspiration for creative processes.


For the fourth time, Berlac launches its biennial colour trend tool Trend Colours. Its latest edition EII, is dedicated to our dreams, fantasies and our imagination and how they are influenced by our modern, germ-free high-tech world.

If one works with colours, such as Berlac does, engagement with societal change is unavoidable. Because future developments can be predicted on the basis of the changes observed, it is essential for Berlac and its colour experts to have meticulous powers of observation. Rather than actually inventing anything new, Berlac’s experts are continuously paying attention to the latest trends in the consumers’ world and will use these findings as a basis for developing innovative tools.

Berlac’s latest edition of Trend Colours EII has been compiled under the overall banner of Romantic Valleys and split according to four inspiring key themes, that are visualized by 8 effect colours each:

Eden – the garden of paradise. A garden teeming with flowers, lush vegetation and fantastic beasts. An untamed expanse of nature that supplies everything we need: Space, time, silence, purity, beauty. The more we immerse ourselves in this natural space, the more human we feel.

Fairy Way – an elusive country. This country may appear anywhere, catching us off guard with its shimmer, before disappearing just as quickly. We are enveloped by its borders, made of dusk, fog, and illusory glimmers. They may recede like the tide, appearing and then disappearing again. It’s an enchanted island, an underwater world. A deep forest, a flower-filled mountain cave.

Galactica – the wonders of science. The huge proliferation of science and technology has given rise to a utopian hope for a better society. It seems that even the wildest dreams can finally come true. There are plausible ways for us to fly to other planets, settle there and - why not - encounter other forms of life. This final frontier, constantly deferred, encourages us to think about the political, social and ethical possibilities that await.

Dark Knights – a vibrating pulse. A world that offers an antidote to our sanitised lives. A desire to face up to the brutality of the elements, people and things. A quest for radical transformation: becoming a driver of change, stepping outside the existing framework, and inventing our own codes to assert our identity without pretence or compromise.

Berlac Trend Colours - designed for you. Benefit from the Berlac Trend Colours as a source of inspiration for your creative processes. Please schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to have the latest edition presented to you personally. Single 3D colour samples or the complete set consisting of 32 3D colour samples - delivered in a sophisticated aluminium case - can be purchased by means of below order form.

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