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Bomix: Looking back 2018 / News 2019


Bomix Chemie GmbH was very active in 2018—both in the field of product development and at various events. Particularly of note was the major polyurethanes industry trade fair, the UTECH Europe, where new products such as water-based, adhesive release agents for steering wheels, fingerprint technology for product identification and innovative In-Mould-Coating / release agent systems for the commercial vehicle segment (ACE industry) were presented.

Successful re-certification audit – DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 Revision.

Following an audit at the end of August which lasted several days, DNV GL Business Assurance certified Bomix in accordance with the 2015 revision of DIN EN ISO 9001.

The Quality Management, Laboratory/Production, Purchasing and Sales divisions were audited. The implementation of various elements from ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 represents another improvement in the quality of our QM system. Once again, the final result of the inspection confirmed the presence of a solid, well-implemented quality management system which is not only in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, but also with the Verband der Chemischen Industrie [German Chemical Industry Association] (VCI)’s “Responsible Care” programme.

You can find the certificate on our homepage,, under the section Service / Download.

ISL and Bomix team up to exhibit at the UTECH Europe trade fair.

At the end of May 2018, ISL and Bomix took part in the UTECH 2018 in Maastricht with a joint stand for the second time. UTECH is the most important trade fair in the world for the polyurethanes industry.

The strategically well-placed stand—right next to industry giants such as BASF and Covestro—was exceptionally well-attended this year, and a great deal of new contacts were able to be made. On site, the visitors were presented with special areas of focus, with new innovations from the fields of release agents (acoustic parts, steering wheels, instrument panels), In-Mould-Coatings (ACE, lifestyle), functional coatings (flame retardancy, biocompatibility and conductivity in light shades of colour) and Bomix’s new Fingerprint technology for identifying products. ISL presented an extended portfolio of colours for their MOLTOPREN® S range, as well as special-effect pigment pastes for foams. The joint range of products were demonstrated in appealing exhibits from the fields of mobility, lifestyle and health / rehabilitation. A further highlight was an instrument panel—the result of a joint project carried out between Covestro, ISL, Bomix and Volkswagen.

The shared stand was also visited by many of our international representatives. This year, a joint dinner for distribution partners presented a good opportunity to reinforce existing contacts and to consolidate business relationships in an informal atmosphere. The next UTECH Europe will take place in 2021. Once again, ISL and Bomix are planning to participate together, but this time with a considerably larger exhibition area.

Bomix In-Mould-Coatings and release agents for the ACE industry.

The ACE (= Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving) coating systems market represents a field within the mobility segment—a segment in which Bomix is very active. Coatings for refining metal components feature prominently in this branch of industry. Polyurethane parts are increasingly being used by manufacturers to meet the demands of light construction. This enables multiple components—which, previously, were manufactured individually and then joined together—to now be manufactured as a single polyurethane part in one process.

Bomix Chemie has been collaborating with a manufacturer of agricultural machinery for many years now. The polyurethane parts are manufactured using high pressure, RIM and R-RIM processes. In-Mould-Coatings and release agents are used for various projects, including those carried out by the AGCO Group. Until now, high-solid release agents and solvent-based coating systems were used.

Over the past months, Bomix has further developed the product systems in order to comply with environmental regulations, as well as to meet the higher demands of a larger AGCO group project. This project requires the manufacture of agricultural machinery parts which are subject to particularly high demands. The Bomix products—whose in-mould coatings and release agents are now both water-based—have received approval from the manufacturer for use in this AGCO group project. Agricultural machinery which was manufactured from these parts was displayed at the Agritechnica.

Currently, high-solid coating systems containing up to 70% solvents are still being used in the field of ACE. However, the trend is turning in favour of water-based products, something which has already been achieved by Bomix in the form of the innovations mentioned above. An additional argument in favour of these Bomix systems is that they can be adapted in accordance with customer wishes with regards to flexibility, resistance (especially scratch resistance), colour and gloss level.

The DESMA House Fair 2018 boasts record results—including for Bomix.

Every two years, selected footwear manufacturers meet at DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH in Achim to present their latest innovations and exchange views on current topics.

This year, the house fair’s motto was “creating value”—something which applied not only to the latest in footwear machinery technology, but also to the manufacturers of innovative chemical products used in footwear production. Together with 50 other international co-exhibitors—including Berlac Group member ISL Chemie—Bomix presented new innovations for the footwear industry in the areas of release agents, coatings and Fingerprint technology.

The DESMA House Fair achieved a record number of visitors this year. As a result, Bomix Chemie was able to register a high number of new contacts at their stand—customers who we will be following up on. We are very positive about the results of the trade fair and are looking forward to the next one.

Tamper-proof product identification thanks to Bomix® Fingerprint Technology.

Bomix Chemie’s latest innovation is presented in the form of a fingerprint additive which allows plastic parts to be uniquely and irreproducibly labelled.

Every year a large number of counterfeited products appear on the market. Counterfeiters cause huge losses, especially when complaints about a counterfeited product need to be processed by the original manufacturer, something which is labour-intensive and costly. Together with a partner, Bomix has now developed a new solution: Bomix® Fingerprint additive. With this product, plastic parts can be clearly identified in a tamper-proof and court-proof manner.

Bomix® Fingerprint additive is an additive which is activated by UV light. When integrated into a topcoat, an IMC or a paste, this creates a tamper-proof marking on—or rather in—the plastic part. The quantity which needs to be added varies according to colour shade, substrate and application. Bomix® Fingerprint additive boasts some special properties: 1) A high level of temperature resistance up to 1800°C (forensically applicable). 2) The additive cannot be seen with the naked eye, and 3) does not influence the properties of the material, thus meaning that it can be applied across the most varied of media (not only products used to refine polyurethane).

The identification process can take place in two different ways according to the application: On the one hand, there is the sensory identification for which an additive concentration of > 0.1 - 1.0% is required. This is clearly detected within seconds using a torch-sized mobile sensor. On the other hand, identification can take place using a patented laboratory-based analysis procedure. Here, the additive concentration can be reduced to <0.1%.

The Bomix® Fingerprint technology produces an irreproducible fingerprint on the plastic part. Optimal areas of application are presented when it comes to brand-name products in the lifestyle sector (e.g. footwear), as well as in the fields of mobility, building & construction, and health / rehabilitation. Even small areas or lettering are enough for reliable recognition.

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