Content - Customer proximity: new Berlac distributor for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Customer proximity: new Berlac distributor for Czech Republic and Slovakia.


With he objective to improve our customer service continuously, Berlac will be newly represented in the Czech and Slovakian markets by SERVIND s.r.o. situated in the Czech Tuchomerice, starting from November 1, 2018.

With SERVIND s.r.o, Berlac could have gained a reliable and experienced partner with great technical and logistical expertise, that has been successfully established in the Czech / Slovakian market for almost 30 years. In addition to its core business of selling automotive refinish paints and accessories for body shops, SERVIND s.r.o. has gradually expanded its activities to the automotive and automotive suppliers industries and  has complemented its product portfolio with a wide range of industrial coatings for the rail vehicle, mechanical engineering, wood-processing and furniture industries.

The advantages of this new partnership are obvious: in addition to more efficient logistics thanks to warehouses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, our customers benefit from lower transportation costs and a competent and fast service provided by the SERVIND team on site.

SERVIND s.r.o.
Ke Kopanine 488. 252 67 Tuchomerice. Czech Republic for orders   for commercial issues (Radek Kacz)  for technical support (Josef Tafat)

Berlac AG
Robert Buchholz
Allmendweg 39. CH-4450 Sissach
Phone +41 61 976 90 10

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