Content - UTECH Europe 2015: - Bomix looks back at a successful event.

UTECH Europe 2015: - Bomix looks back at a successful event.


The international trade fair for polyurethane (PU), UTECH Europe, from 14-16th of April 2015, in Maastricht (NL) provided the framework for a positive success throughout the event for Bomix Chemie GmbH.

The Berlac Group members - ISL, Bomex and Bomix - participated together for the first time at this top event - and the interest from the visitors was overwhelming as regards to the competence and exciting innovations. All three members presented their latest innovations and the visitors were impressed by the innovative strength of the respective companies of the Berlac Group.

Bomix sets new standards in function and design with their product innovations within surface refinement and added value for polyurethane surfaces. Thereby the Bomix product solutions impressed especially through custom-made, functional and environmentally friendly results:

Bomix high-performance release agent - the new generation “through green, environmental friendly Chemistry" combines quality with sustainability and creates not only a release effect, but also a high-quality surface refinement.

Bomix functional coating systems - unique design and multi-functional properties - such as conductibility, bio-compatibility, anti-fouling, flame retardant features, soft-feel, anti-slip, abrasion resistance, bonded coating and easy-to-clean - convinces through visuals and haptic surfaces.

Bomix primers - with maximum cost efficiency and process reliability, the coating systems create the best prerequisites for optimal top coatings.

"The success at UTECH Europe 2015 has exceeded our expectations - the trade fair in general and the offered backdrop provided an appealing environment for dialogue in relaxed atmosphere. Many new ideas and projects with customers and potential customers were created not only for Bomix but also for the Group. We are therefore looking forward to an exciting follow-up business and utilizing further synergies within the Berlac Group ", says Laila Henriksen, Marketing & Sales, Bomix Chemie GmbH.

Since 1975, Bomix Chemie GmbH, which is based in Telgte near Münster (NRW), has been specialising in customised solutions for surface refinement of polyurethane (PU). Since 2003, Bomix has been part of the brand portfolio of the Berlac Group. The global Group of companies develops and produces demanding solutions for surface refinement, surface protection and colouring of plastics. 

Bomix Chemie GmbH
Laila Henriksen
Marketing / Sales

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