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Successful customer event at Bomix


Bomix Chemie GmbH looks back on a successful customer conference! The event took place on November 06th and 07th 2014 in Telgte / Ostbevern and offered an interesting insight into the world of polyurethane. Focus was surface refinement, machine tech-nology and innovations, followed by a creative evening program. The customers came from markets such as Mobility (interior / exterior) and MedCare / Rehab. Moreover, for the first time Bomix offered presentations from close market partners such as BASF (Ludwigshafen/Lemförde), Fraunhofer Institute (IFAM, Bremen) and Hennecke (Saint Augustin).

Technical Input

On the first conference day, the expertise and know-how of the Berlac group was presented by the Managing Director, Mr. Scheuchenpflug. The competence diversity of Bomix was presented by the Sales Manager, Mr. Szerényi. Bomix had once again prepared a short questionnaire in order to gain information of market developments and trends from the customer´s and market partner´s point of view; in addition evaluating the need of desired activities. The successful and close cooperation with BASF, in particular during the K2013 fair project - Concept 1865 Bike – was stated in an interesting presentation made by the BASF Design Factory, shown was also the variety of innovations from the foam supplier.

After the first interchange of information; an extensive company tour took place through Bomix Chemie GmbH. Among other things, the technologies of release agents, coatings and In-Mould-Coatings (IMC) based on manufacturing, test methods and development were explained and made visible through practical examples.

On the second day, Bomix offered detailed technical product presentations. News within Release agents (high performance with sustainable chemistry), IMC technology, Post coatings and Functional coatings, Mixing-Pastes system (faster and more flexible use of a variety of colour shades), as well as Primers / Base coats for plastics with the highlight "One-For-All" Base coat for mobility. The day was completed by the interesting IFAM presentations on the subject "ReleasePlas", separating layers in combination with IMC-coatings and "LightPlas", conversion of release agent in an adhesion promoting layer. Company Hennecke provided a compelling presentation on machine technology for manufacturing of trunk floors and car roofs by the use of IMC-S application; a presentation including corresponding video material.

(For more information on the topics and presentations, please contact Laila Henriksen, Marketing -

Evening event

Apart from interchange of technical information; socialising was also an essential part. The highlight of the first evening was a common cooking event, where participants in different teams - appetizers, main course and dessert - created excellent food. Among others a service team ensured an evening in the spirit of notable cooperation and socialising.


Bomix is satisfied with the outcome of this event; two days characterised by lively interchange, technical input and good networking opportunities. An event referred to as “Well done!” by all participants. Besides the high quality presentations, the hotel, Beverland Resort - - offered the perfect setting for an all-round successful event.

At this point, Bomix Chemie GmbH wants to thank their market partners - BASF, IFAM and Hennecke – again, for their commitment at this event!

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