Content - Investing in the future: Berlac expands programme to include waterborne lacquering systems.

Investing in the future: Berlac expands programme to include waterborne lacquering systems.


Berlac AG, the Swiss coatings manufacturer based in Sissach just outside Basel, has enhanced its established portfolio of conventional products with the introduction of top-quality trendsetting water-based lacquering systems for demanding applications on plastics. By doing so, it once again underscores its commitment to the highest standards of technology and quality.

The importance of water-borne lacquering systems for industrial processing has grown steadily over recent years. This development is not due solely to ecological concerns and the introduction of VOC limits; economic considerations also play a significant role. The rising cost of raw materials makes it crucial to avoid the loss of large quantities of organic solvents into the atmosphere or the necessity of reclaiming or burning these off in complicated and costly processes.

In response to this situation, Berlac AG has therefore launched a comprehensive line of water-based lacquers for a wide variety of polymer substrates in time for K2013 in Dusseldorf.  Formulated using modern raw materials, the new water-borne Berlac Hydro premium line demonstrates a level of quality with regard to film properties, appearance and resistance which is fully equal to that of conventional solvent-based systems. In many respects, such as odour for example, they are actually superior to lacquers containing solvents. As non-combustible lacquers with a markedly lower VOC content, Berlac Hydro systems represent an impressive combination of environmental conservation, work safety and economy in both manufacture and application.

The new water-based Berlac Hydro range for plastics, consisting of primers, base coats and clear coats, has been developed for both interior and exterior applications. It offers a choice of ideally coordinated one-component and two-component products that can be used either as a multi-coat system or as a single-coat surface finish depending on the amount of wear the intended application entails. The premium-quality systems are precisely adapted in every case to the specific demands of the application and to the customer’s processing requirements. Provided substrates are pre-treated correctly as prescribed and relevant processing and application parameters are adhered to, these water-based systems provide outstanding adhesion on a host of commonly-used plastics, such as ABS, PC, PA and ABS/PC, as well as on composites like GFK and CFK.

In the words of Karl-Heinz Fischer, head of the new Waterborne Systems business unit at Berlac AG: “By expanding our product range to include these sophisticated Berlac Hydro water-based lacquers, we are meeting the growing demand for ecologically and economically trendsetting coating solutions and underlining our commitment to enabling our customers to satisfy VOC guidelines and to use technologies that are safe both for people and for the environment. We are pleased that the investments we have made in knowhow and human resources will allow us to offer our customers an even more targeted and comprehensive service in the future.”

Berlac at K 2013 in Düsseldorf

The new Berlac Hydro line of products for plastics is being shown for the first time at K2013 in Dusseldorf, where Berlac AG and four other companies from the Berlac Group are presenting their products from 16 to 23 October over an exhibition area of 100m2 at Stand D20 in Hall 7.1 (upper floor).

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