Content - Ultra-high resistance with ultra-thin coat thickness using the new Berlaprint screen and pad printing inks from Berlac AG

Ultra-high resistance with ultra-thin coat thickness using the new Berlaprint screen and pad printing inks from Berlac AG


The product portfolio of the successful Berlaprint system line has been extended with the addition of modern screen and pad printing inks for technologically high-end applications. These new printing inks enable Berlac AG, the Swiss manufac-turer of coatings and printing inks based in Sissach just outside Basel, to provide coating systems that offer unprecedented levels of resistance even with ultra-thin coating thicknesses for automotive components for both interior and exterior ap-plications. They are ideal for the partial printing or full surface coating of metallic substrates (particularly aluminium) in sheet or roll form.

A wide variety of applicational technologies are combined in the Berlaprint system line to produce inks and lacquers with outstanding processability and resistance. One of the most complex applications is the coating of aluminium in sheet or roll form which is destined for subsequent processing. Berlaprint products are applied either singly or in combination by screen or pad printing and then thermally cured. After drying, the sheet or roll aluminium is punched out and shaped to the desired geometry, which requires the system to have a high level of permanent plasticity without stress whitening. Depending on the final application, components can subsequently be back-moulded with plastic. This involves brief exposure to temperatures in excess of 200°C, which the system must withstand without damage.

The new Berlaprint screen and pad printing inks – available as one- or two-component systems, in opaque hues or as coloured clear lacquers in all conceivable shades - are coordinated in such a way as to ensure unlimited overprinting and/or underprinting, which meets the demands frequently placed on inline processing cycles. Partial post-printing on the cured paint or lacquer coating is also possible.

The Berlaprint system can be used with a wide variety of metals and plastics, but also with primers and coatings and can subsequently be coated, shaped or back-moulded in post-processing. The method of application and the thin coating thickness of just 6µ compared with spray coating offer considerable potential for savings and make decoration and protective coating possible without loss of ink or lacquer.

The new Berlaprint screen and pad printing inks can be experienced at K2013 in Düsseldorf from October 16 to 23, hall 7.1 (upper floor), stand D20. We are looking forward to your visit.

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