Content - D&B Rating Certificate: top rating for Berlac AG

D&B Rating Certificate: top rating for Berlac AG


D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) has awarded Berlac AG its top rating. We are proud to receive this classification, which marks us out as an especially reliable and trustworthy business partner.

D&B Certificate, top rating for Berlac

The D&B Rating Certificate serves as a seal of quality for industry and confirms that its holder has been evaluated by an independent external source and found to be financially solid and credit-worthy in its dealings with suppliers and customers. Only some 2% of all companies in Switzerland satisfy the requirements to obtain the D&B Rating Certificate.

Berlac achieved a glowing result by scoring a total of 98 points from the maximum 100 possible. This award confirms that we are an extremely reliable and attractive business partner with a stable corporate structure and an extremely good payment record. It demonstrates our ability to meet our economic liabilities in respect of both our customers and suppliers at all times.

D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) is the leading credit rating agency in Switzerland and throughout the world. Companies make use of D&B to check the credit-worthiness and identification of their customers or potential customers. All the information used is contained in the D&B data base, which lists details of over one million Swiss companies and more than 190 million companies worldwide. A company’s credit assessment also contains details of its payment behaviour patterns. To obtain this information, D&B evaluates over twelve million invoices a year in Switzerland alone. (

Berlac AG
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