Content - Successful Sales Partner Conference at Bomix Chemie GmbH

Successful Sales Partner Conference at Bomix Chemie GmbH


The second international sales partner conference organised by Bomix Chemie GmbH at the beginning of November of this year was a fully success: 23 participants had followed the invitation from Bomix into a special theme hotel in the neighbourhood. The guests came among others from Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic and Mexico. Focus was topics such as PU, application technology and niche markets - under the motto: Bomix, more than release agents and colours. The meeting was an interesting mix of lectures from the sales partners, presentations from the Bomix colleagues, product training as well as two social evening events.

Technical Input

For the first conference day Bomix Chemie GmbH had prepared a questionnaire, in order to gather information from their sales partners as regards to market trends and – growth, the need of required arrangements of activities and product developments. Afterwards each partner received the opportunity to present a detailed presentation of its company along with important current and future customer projects. In the afternoon product training took place at the Bomix premises. Focus: the sales partners’ expertise and know-how should be optimised in order to intensify the sell of the high-quality BOMIX products. Improvement of the sales quality and service for the customer was the priority goal.

The second was characterized by the Bomix Product presentations: colleagues from all Portfolio areas - release agents, special products, In-Mould-Coatings and post coatings - informed about news and trends. Zolt Szerényi, the new sales manager of Bomix, gave a lecture of future strategies, activities and measures.

In the end the results of the questionnaire initiative were presented. Result: the number of agreements for desired actions and already insinuated Bomix measures was pleasingly high. Output: the cooperation is based on a solid and healthy basis.


Apart from the technical exchange and the mutual development of new ideas; naturally the social part did not miss at the sales partner conference. For “Introduction” there was a dinner in the evening of arrival consisting of traditionally Westphalia specialities. The high light was the common preparation of a menu at the end of the first conference day; centre of attention were team spirit, ambition and above all fun. The result was more then presentable: The high quality of the menu reflected the degree of harmony and good co-operation of the teams. Both Events were predicated as extraordinarily successful by all participants.


Enthusiastically was also Josef Zerle. The CSO of the Berlac Group had not only participated in the complete two-day event but was already at Bomix on Monday and Wednesday in the laboratory and the production. His thanks applied to the sales partners, the Bomix colleagues from laboratory and sales as well as the organiser Laila Henriksen for the content strong and smooth going event. He attested all participants with a very open communication, a good co-operation and a high commitment and he is convinced that Bomix achieves and even exceeds its own set goals.

Bomix Chemie GmbH sees a high success potential for further co-operation with the sales partners in its affiliation to the Berlac Group as well as the implementation of the new CI. This cooperation is a solid element of the Bomix work. The ideas and mutual compiled goals now let Bomix and their sales partners look eminently positive into the future.

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