Content - Comprehensive product and service portfolio covering the complete range of wet lacquers

Unlimited formulations and variations – one and the same quality.

Our exhaustive product Portfolio covers the entire realm of wet coatings. We can offer you a wealth of proven standard formulations or can elaborate solutions precisely tailored to your specific requirements.

Our coating systems enjoy full compatibility throughout the range and are suitable for use with all conventional methods of application. They are also available in very small individually manufactured batches and for small series production. The unique opportunity of purchasing ideally coordinated integrated solutions - from primers right through to printing inks - from a single source considerably simplifies production, cuts processing times and reduces costs accordingly.

Comprehensive product range.

  • primers
  • clear lacquers
  • base coats
  • effect and design lacquers
  • zapon lacquers
  • printing inks designed for screen and pad printing and for roller and casting processes
  • casting-resin lacquers
  • dyestuff solutions
  • pigment preparations based on transparent pigments
  • solvent-based systems
  • low-solvent high solids
  • waterborne systems
  • one and two-component systems
  • stoving systems
  • air, forced and stove-drying systems
  • UV-curing systems (conventional and aqueous)

Wealth of potential applications.

  • thermosets and thermoplastics
  • ultra-flexible elastomeric substrates, such as liquid and solid silicone, TPU, TPE
  • galvanised surfaces
  • PVD-metallised plastics
  • carbon fibre composites
  • bioplastics from renewable biomass sources
  • metal substrates including non-ferrous metals
  • aluminium and stainless steel
  • glass


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We would like to inform you that our company will close for Christmas holidays from December 21, 2019 thru January 5, 2020.

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Berlac exhibiting at PaintExpo

April 21 - 24, 2020 | Int. Trade Fair for Industrial Coating | Karlsruhe | Germany

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04 - 06 November 2020 | Int. Trade Fair for the Optical Industry | Hong Kong

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